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Solar water heater

Solar water heaters consist of various components that work together to heat water and through its insulated properties, keep the water hot. The location of a residence or commercial building as well as the quality of water in the area affects the type of system that one needs.


saving on water heating bills.

10 Years

lifespan years plus.

3-4 Years

money-back on the initial investment.

Ever felt helpless during a power blackout?

The annoyance that comes with frequent power blackouts cannot be explained. With our power backup solutions, you can now go about your home activities totally uninterrupted.

What you need to know.

Why should I buy a power backup?

  • Uninterrupted power supply - automatic pick up.
  • Highly cost-effective compared to diesel generator. There are no fuel costs.
  • No pollution.
  • No noise.

What size of power backup do I require?

We will help you determine the size that will perfectly match your power needs. Our solutions are cost-effective and tailored to suit your needs and desires.

Who does the installation? Is there an after-sales service?

Our experienced technical team is available to install the system for our customers upon request. Installation costs vary depending on the system size established after a site survey. Chloride Exide offers an after-sales service through annual service contract arrangements.

Does Chloride offer a warranty?

We offer a Manufacturer Warranty of either 1 or 2 years depending on the brands used.

What would it cost me?

Contact us today for your free site assessment to establish the costs.

Want to know technical details of our products?

See our Power Backup products.

Living off the grid and want to enjoy continuous electricity supply?

Keen on owning a long term home where you don’t have to think about the cost of power and all the inconveniences of the mains power such as rationing?

We can help you integrate your mains power with solar PV solutions to enable you live comfortably yet efficiently.


  • In remote areas away from the main grid.
  • Suitable for eco-friendly homes.


  • Convenience where there is interruption from the main grid.
  • Its cheaper in the long run as there are no bills.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and promote a greener environment.

Does the Solar water heater government regulation affect me?

The regulation requires all households with hot water requirements exceeding 100 litres, be installed with a solar water heater. This is a home accommodating 2 people and above.

How does a solar water heater really benefit me?

After installing a high efficiency solar water heater, your power bill should go down by 60%. For instance, if your current power bill is Ksh 7,000, it should drop to below Ksh 2,800. The huge power savings will enable you recover your investment within 3 years.

What are the key things to consider while choosing a solar water heater?

Size of the family, usage of the hot water and house accessories like bathtub, washing machines etc. Rough guidelines are:

  • A family of 2 will need 100 litres
  • A family of 3 to 4 will need 200 litres
  • A family of 5 to 6 will need 300 litres

Where there is a bathtub or jacuzzi, an extra 120 litres will be required. A kitchen and laundry room will require an extra provision of 120 litres.


Does it come with a warranty and what is its lifespan?

We offer the best manufacturer warranty of 5 years. Our systems can have a lifetime of up to 10 years. We stock quality spares to keep the systems running perfectly beyond the stated warranty period.

Who does the installation?

Our experienced technical team is available to install the system for our customers upon request. Installation costs vary depending on the system size established after a site survey. 

Does Chloride offer an after-sales service?

Chloride Exide offers an after-sales service through annual service contract arrangements.

How does it integrate with my existing plumbing?

Once we conduct a site visit, we will determine how best to fit the system. For a home which already uses hot water, we do not expect major plumbing works. Nor do we expect major structural works, since the solar water heating system typically sits on your roof, which we neatly integrate into various types of roof structure.

Will I get hot water in the morning?

Indeed you will, if you do not use all the hot water the night before. Hot water in the tank is kept hot thanks to the highly effective, heat-insulating material between the inner and outer layers of the tank; this ensures that all hot water in the tank stays hot for a long period of time. Depending on your usage pattern, you will be able to set the system to automatically boost the temperature of the water, should the need arise.

How does it work and how hot does the water get?

The system is made up of a collector and a tank. The collectors which are either flat plated or vacuum tube are made of a material that traps heat from sun, heating the water up to over 65 degrees celsius on a sunny day. The tank is comprised of the inner and outer layers, separated by a highly-effective, heat-insulating material; this ensures that all hot water in the tank stays hot for a long period of time. 

The system can come with an intelligent controller, fitted inside your home. This will give you full control over the system, showing the exact temperature of the water. It also allows you to pre-set a preferred constant temperature; the intelligent system will trigger the integrated electrical heater to boost your water temperature on cloudy days.

What happens when there is a shortage of water supply?

Our system typically integrates with a feeder tank, which serves as both storage for water supply and a cold reservoir to the Solar Hot Water system. The feeder tank gets its supply from your main reservoir (on ground, underground etc.) in a similar manner by which your existing service tank is supplied. As long as there is water in your feeder tank, you will have uninterrupted supply of hot water. If the feeder tank runs dry, you will need to replenish it from the main tank (much in the same way as you need to replenish your service tank). This is mostly achieved by manual pumping, but we could offer the option to automate this pumping function via the Intelligent Controller.

What would it cost me to purchase the system?

Contact us today for your free site assessment and estimate, based on your current plumbing, number of people in your home and structure of your roof. Our value for money is unmatched.

What if I can’t afford to pay right now?

We have partnered with KCB and HFC banks and they offer a flexible payment plan. Please contact us to link you to them.

What happens when you go on vacation?

The system comes with a safety valve/release valve that is able to regulate the water temperatures. In this way, your tank is guaranteed to always have the recommended amount of water and hence the system will be in safe operation mode.

Want to know technical details of our products?

Any other queries you may have?

Our dedicated customer service team is on standby to hear from you.

What some of our clients have to say…

Don’t just take our word for it, our clients are happy to vouch for our expertise as well!
  • Brilliant job chloride Exide. ASANTE SANA Regards,

    Rob Collinge

  • I thank you very much Chloride Exide, when things go smoothly like that it makes me very happy, brings my love for Kenya back I was gonna ship the solar system in but when I looked at outbacks website they had your company listed on their website as a dealer in Kenya, that gave me hope that I can buy quality products, support local and buy local, also with a patient knowledgeable tech person like Michael Omondi, he assured me things will go smoothly. He gave me good service despite the 11 hour time difference he even answered all my questions after hours. THANKS!!! Warm regards

    Dalmas Odak.

  • Dear Emmanuel, I just wanted to say thank you for sending your experienced team over, on time, for the service. Fast execution! Regards,


  • Great service. I was absolutely enthralled!

    Ronald Onono

  • Hi Samuel. I have just got back to Lewa and had a shower. It was so hot that I had to put the cold water tap on. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for keeping on going with such determination until you fixed it.

    Garry Cullen.